Come discover the brand new range of inflatable tents!

Fully flexible inflatable tents are the solution for all your events. You can define all the elements to build your original inflatable tent, functional and comfortable. Easy, fast and convenient to inflate, all our inflatable tents are built to withstand strong winds.

If you are planning an important event or a large outdoor reception, this is the perfect opportunity to spread your imagination. What better way to welcome your guests than one of our custom inflatable tents? Fully modular, our tent models will meet your expectations and deliver solutions to each of your proposals. Indeed, every element of your tent, from architecture to style, is customizable, so that you have the power to define every aspect of your original tent. Unlike traditional tents, pole puzzles and hooves and the possibilities are much more limited, our tents are easily transported and, once put in place at the agreed place, swell with just as much ease and speed. With the time you save through our methods, you will be able to focus on the other details of organizing your event and greet your guests without a hitch! In the same way, to ensure a long peace of mind, we can ensure that our inflatable constructions are optimized to withstand strong winds. Whether it rains or gusts, under your tent, you will have no reason to interrupt the festivities! With such a tent, you go comfort and utility with a consistency that can not be lacking

So, as you see, our products are both exotic and extravagant; as flashy as sober and go-anywhere. We can put up an inflatable tent to put in your yard to brighten up a child’s party, just as we can deliver a huge dome to house hundreds of visitors in an exhibition or park. Shape, color, dimension and characteristics: everything can be achieved with the expertise of M2B Inflatable. All we need is a drawing, a picture; even a detailed description that our designers can work on. Go ahead, take a moment to imagine – imagine your wedding out of the ordinary or an unforgettable birthday; Imagine a tent at the height of the show that would be presented, magic show or grandiose circuses; meetings in a pleasant and mobile setting. The more that will engrave your event in the memories? As a professional, consider displaying your logo – or that of your customers – on the outside of the tent to make a simple and effective hit in the minds of guests, as well as anyone who will be watching inflatable.

Whatever the shape, color, dimensions or characteristics of the inflatable tent you want, based on a drawing or a photo, we can realize your dream. Thus, inflatable tents adapt to all your events: sumptuous wedding, unforgettable birthday, magical shows, circuses, mobile meeting rooms, original meetings, or any other event whose memory must remain engraved in the memories. As a professional, think of displaying your logo or that of your customers to mark the spirits by your originality.