Igloo transparent inflatable bubble tents allow you to stay in touch with nature, and take full advantage of the 360 Deg view to not miss the landscape that surrounds you while being totally protected from the outside. Extremely simple to set up, this transparent inflatable bubble igloo tent is ideal for wild camping but also perfect for advertising campaigns and any type of event.

The airlock has an airtight system (Pump supplied) and the inside of the bubble tent requires the constant use of a silent inflator 25 DB (Included).
These transparent inflatable bubble tents are made to measure, that is to say you can choose dimensions, colors, semi-transparent or even opaque RATES DO NOT CHANGE!
This type of inflatable transparent bubble tents is extremely quick to set up, 10 minutes for a novice for assembly and 15 minutes for disassembly (Always for a novice folding included)