The inflatable igloo is the ideal inflatable structure to shine in all events. Impossible for this inflatable igloo to blend in with the decor. It will become the spectacular attraction that any business needs to engrave its name in the minds of potential customers. A fresh, playful and aesthetic communication tool, the igloo is indispensable. Between quality and ease of use, your inflatable igloo is your marketing asset. Convenient to assemble and disassemble, the inflatable igloo is very popular with event organizers. Our inflatable Igloos made to measure exactly to meet your needs.

Thanks to its innovative inflating system, the inflatable igloo, available from M2B Inflatable, is functional, comfortable, and original. For an inflatable igloo 12 m in diameter, count an inflation time of about 12 minutes and a deflation time of 15 minutes. This structure mounts and dismounts quickly. This advantage is not negligible when one is forced to respect schedules especially during a presentation in a living room for example, the inflatable igloo is easily installed by a single person. Its approved electric inflator is a guarantee of quality and safety. The inflatable igloo can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Its light and flexible structure consists of a translucent ring also allows you to play beautiful lights. Ideal for nighttime entertainment. We can manufacture your inflatable igloo with an inflator system permanently or airtight system without the need of inflators permanently.

The PVC fabric is fire resistant (certificates provided). Special treatments applied to the inflatable igloo prevent the structure from igniting. Similarly, its tightness is proven. The inflatable igloo can be used as shelter against rain or snow. Completely adaptable to your needs in terms of size, surface, shape, color, or logo, the inflatable igloo will accompany you without any problem. Characteristics:

Tarpaulin PVC fabric (variable thickness depending on the size)
Door closing strap
Electric inflator or electric pump (depending on the system)
Transport bag provided
Repair kit

Aussi pratiques à l’intérieur qu’à l’extérieur, ces structures gonflables en forme de cornet sont parfaites pour les événements réussis. Osez faire la différence, osez les structures gonflables Airs Fusées avec leurs gonfleurs intégrés. Facile, pratique et rapide à installer, ces structures gonflables s’adaptent complètement à l’environnement pour illuminer votre nom, votre marque ou votre entreprise. M2B Gonflable vous propose en effet, la possibilité de personnaliser votre Airs Fusée (logo, image, dessin, texte, etc.).