The violent conflicts taking place across various countries in crisis have serious human consequences that can be difficult to judge with hindsight that we have from home. Our crises are different – economic, unemployment crises, etc. So when we see refugees, it’s in a different context, and sometimes the sensitivities are diminished.

Refugee aid is a very important topic in our company. In response to the urgency of their problems, inflatable M2B has long questioned what kind of solution we could offer. In the end, we thought, studied and created an inflatable home that can help in emergency situations as well as in prolonged situations. The key ideas of our refugee homes? Each must be practical, solid and economical, while giving refugees maximum comfort and dignity.

We have a solution, we thought, studied and created an inflatable house that is practical, solid, economical while providing maximum comfort and dignity to refugees.

This inflatable house is – contrary to the prerequisites – more solid than a traditional tent, the material used is PVC 0.6MM, this house does not require inflators permanently, we use a thermos-welding technology that allows to make these houses totally airtight, that is to say that these inflatable houses require only one inflation before use, a system that is called airtight.