Camping & Crazy Events Who said that campers should stick to uncomfortable chairs and mismatched mattresses? Bring bright inflatable cushions or pneumatic chairs printed with your designs to be the star of the party! Everyone at the campground or at the beach will envy these furniture that inflates and deflates quickly for versatile use and ease of transport breathtaking!

Optimum maintenance!

In addition to the transport and storage factor, inflatable furniture – especially our mattresses and armchairs – stands out from the traditional furniture on an important aspect: their cleanliness and their way of cleaning. A leather chesterfield may give you anxiety about how to clean it without damaging the leather – inflatable will never be a problem. A sofa upholstered cushions, on the contrary, you will probably appear easier to accommodate … But it is not counting the mites who like to stay there, and the other stupid ones who could hide there! With our inflatable furniture, you can relax or sleep on your two ears! Having pneumatic chairs is peace of mind guaranteed! It is also an effective and simple method for children and adults with dust mite allergies.